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Red lights on the skyscrapersSnow white all overSmoky pipes spitting out dirty watersDaybreak in one hourLost clouds, nightmarish shadowsComing from the dark like black widowsWalking backwards, and endless fallMakes me loose controlI'm a snowballChildren at schoolCandies in their mouthBlue swimming poolsFacing the southGolden countriesInhabited by fairiesMoonlight fading in the rising sunNo need to fight, i'm out of the runI'm loosing controlI'm a snowballNo use to stay, I run awayTomorrow will be same as todayIt's high time for me to make itBut it's hard time to faceNo use to stay, I run awayWhy should I stay ?What could they say ?It's time for me to break the wallI'm a snowballDad hits mumMum hates dadFamily's doneGrowing up sadDad is foolMum is cryingDeep in my soulSomething's breakingDad has stoppedTo hurt mumA strange shotWhen dad is goneMummy's headLeaning overDad is deadGame over

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